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Not your average. Real Estate Agent.: June

Everything from Market info, weather and tides, waterfront homes, fishing adventures, etc. Seriously, think of this blog such as you would a squirrel working in random instructions chasing ideas. Ryan Boley of Hammerhead Realty Group at Keller Williams Peace River Partners is one of the Top single agents in volume of closed transactions at Keller Williams in South West Florida. Not always your run of the mill real estate agent. BPT It's the do it your self dream: choosing the best DIY task just as the weekend finally arrives.

All the provides were purchased and you're ready to dive right in. However, the enthusiastic start of the task does not always end in final touch. "Knocking out a big home benefit or do it your self project in one weekend can be a beneficial task, but it also is challenging and might be taxing on your knees, feet and back when status in an identical position for several hours," says Mark Clement, home improvement expert and co host of the national radio show MyFixitUpLife. Whether you are woodworking at your workbench or staining a bit of furnishings in the garage, Clement offers these pointers to make the most of your DIY weekend initiatives while also feeling comfortable enough to successfully finish them: Focus on form and technique. When learning a new method, go slowly, grade by grade, until you've mastered it. Allow your body to become conversant in the a lot of motions required.

Moving correctly is one of the best ways to bypass injury. Stay hydrated. Make it a concern to drink at the least 125 ounces of cold water day by day. Staying hydrated is crucial when exerting DIY energy, particularly in the summer heat. So whether you're digging up the garden, roofing the shed, or wrenching in a no AC garage, keep a water bottle or sports drink within reach.

Create a comfortable workspace. Be conscious of how long you're status in an identical spot operating on your assignment and the way your back feels. To relieve pressure and discomfort on feet, knees and back, use a durable mat like the Stanley Utility Mat that's engineered with an optimum balance of cushion and help. Dress as it should be. Flip flops and sandals do not offer the balance, coverage and aid that a robust closed toe shoe or work boot does while tackling home improvement tasks.

Even when you have the grace of a ballerina in the workshop or yard, it is remarkably easy to drop things on your feet and it only takes a small distraction to create a big problem. Know your limits. When you only have a weekend to finish a big assignment, you may be feeling the pressure. Before the task even starts, accept that it may not all go in response to plan. Plan for a few various scenarios and bear in mind that you can always ask for help.

Have a primary aid kit. Even if you're being extraordinarily cautious, injuries can happen and it's best to be arranged. Keep a first aid kit with all the essentials antibiotic ointment, bandages, burn cream, etc. near you constantly and seek professional clinical help if necessary. For more information concerning the Stanley Utility Mat, visit homedepot.

com and to tune into garden shade cloth IY/. If you're like many owners, you agree with the patio an extension of your home. So it's fair to ask: Would you be just as comfy nestled in along with your favorite book or preparing a meal in your outdoor space as you may in your front room or your kitchen?As you contemplate ways to improve your out of doors area, think about initiatives that can both extend the hours you spend external and make the time you spend there more relaxing. Just as era continues to make life indoors easier, more superior awning methods, heating alternatives and lighting fixtures could make your out of doors space that a lot more delightful. Here are a few areas to consider as you plot

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